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May 31-June 3, 2020

Wuhan’s mass testing may have eradicated the coronavirus (Bangkok Post) – Wuhan authorities said they found no new cases of “silent spreaders” for the first time in nearly two months as the city’s aggressive push to test its entire population appears to have succeeded in breaking hidden chains of transmission.

Test And Trace Could Replace Quarantine For Travellers, Top Scientist Suggests (Huffington Post UK) – Vacationers could submit themselves to coronavirus testing and contact tracing rather than being forced into quarantine on their return to the UK, according to government testing tsar Professor John Newton, which could replace plans for mandatory 14-day quarantine that are opposed by some.

Speed, compliance and monitoring crucial to test and trace programs (University College London) – “Test, trace and isolate programs could help control the spread of COVID-19 if test results are delivered quickly, contacts are traced and public compliance is high, finds a report co-authored by UCL’s Professor Dame Anne Johnson.”

100+ Arizona Physicians: Test, trace and isolate in Arizona now (Tucson.com opinion) – “As physicians, we know that it is imperative that our state acts urgently and decisively if we are to save the lives of perhaps thousands of Arizonans who could otherwise die needlessly from this terrible disease. This is a STAT call to action.”

Why Contact Tracing Apps Will Be The Biggest Test Yet Of Data Privacy Versus Public Safety (Forbes) – “Most of us don’t really understand the exact details of what data will be collected [in contact tracing apps], what it will be used for, and who will have access to it. This means that there is a danger that people may distrust these apps and refuse to use them. If an insufficient number of people decide to take part, the overall effectiveness of the app becomes greatly diminished.”

Real or Scam? How to Spot Phony Contact Tracing Calls and Texts (NBC Bay Area) – The state says California Connected callers will only share health information about possible exposure. They will not ask for any personal information, like your Social Security Number or bank accounts. They won’t ask any personal health questions. And, they will not charge you anything.

The founder of a contact tracing firm that’s fielded 80,000 job applications in 5 weeks describes what he’s looking for in an applicant (Business Insider) – Waters urges organizations to hire locally, and to ensure that contact tracers belong to communities that are hard-hit by the pandemic.

Don’t Mix Policing with COVID-19 Contact Tracing (Electronic Frontier Foundation) – This analogy is misleading and dangerous. It also underlines the need for public health officials to practice strict data minimization—including a ban on sharing with police any personal information collected through contact tracing.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt recommends that a law be passed governing COVID-19 contact tracing (WIBW) – The state Attorney General says that this process needs more of a legal framework for the protection of personal information and civil liberties.

Legacy at Town Square senior living community using device for contact tracing (ABC7 Amarillo) – “They can retroactively go back and rewind 14 days and look at which individuals came in contact with other individuals and the duration of the contact in those rooms,” Wilmink said.

‘It’s all over the board.’ California still far from testing everyone in elder care homes (Los Angeles Times) – Despite Gov Newsom’s plans to make nursing home testing a priority, California’s testing in elder care homes has been scattershot.

Delaware begins virus contact tracing operations (Delaware State News) – Delaware rolls out its contact tracing program at the same time as it enters phase one of reopening.

Elkins-Randolph Health Department hosts community COVID-19 testing in response to Huttonsville outbreak (CBS Fox 59) – After a COVID-19 outbreak at a correctional facility in Elkins, West Virginia, the local health department set up two free testing sites to see if the outbreak had reached farther than the facility.

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Bipartisan Privacy Legislation for Contact Tracing Apps Introduced in Senate – Bill makes participation voluntary and gives consumers control over personal data, limiting types of data that can be collected.

Biden’s Testing Strategy Sets Up a Clear Contrast With Trump on the Coronavirus (The New York Times) – Analysis of the differences between Biden’s federal-driven testing plan and the Trump adminstration’s approach.

Why contact tracing may be a mess in America (MIT Technology Review)  High caseloads, low testing and American attitudes toward government authority could pose serious challenges for efforts to track and contain coronavirus cases.

You Don’t Need Invasive Tech for Successful Contact Tracing. Here’s How It Works. (ProPublica) – Overview of features of effective contact tracing programs.

Democrats introduce bill to protect health data used for tracing the coronavirus (CNBC) – Measures include requiring companies collecting data to meet security standards.

Coronavirus: How to Do Testing and Contact Tracing (Tomas Pueyo) – Argues that successfully containing COVID-19 requires identifying infected people and 70-90% of their contacts for isolation or quarantine.

$46B National Contact Tracing Senate Proposal by Andy Slavitt and Scott Gottlieb – Proposal for containing spread of COVID-19 and reopening U.S. economy authored by former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Andy Slavitt, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and bipartisan group of public health leaders.

Gillibrand, Bennet Propose Hiring Thousands for New ‘Health Force’ – Legislative proposal by Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) to recruit, train and employ thousands of people to fortify health workforce.

Levin, Warren Lay Out Plan for National Contact-Tracing Program – Proposal from Rep. Andy Levin (D-MI) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to establish nationwide contact-tracing workforce and local responses to COVID-19.

Pandemic Response and Opportunity Through National Service Act – Legislation from Senate Democrats to fund 750,000 positions in national service programs over a three-year period.