About #TestAndTrace

TestAndTrace is an all-volunteer organization that compiles data and resources to inform the public, health leaders, and government leaders on why testing and tracing is important and how they can implement it.

TestAndTrace is best known for compiling hiring and technology data about state-level contact tracing programs to show which states are best prepared to contained COVID-19.

Our data is used by the U.S. CDC, CovidActNow, and many other U.S. COVID focused organizations.

Our team previously helped power and scale the #Masks4All movement which has popularized the use of homemade masks in public and has reached ~1+ billion people (via social media, news outlets, and governments) in the first three weeks of April.

Cam WoodsumCo-Founder
Co-Founder at #Masks4All; Former Head of Special Projects at DoorDash

Noah SmithCo-Founder
Opinion Columnist at Bloomberg; Former Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University

Eric RiesCo-Founder
Author of The Lean Startup (1M+ copies sold); Co-Founder at School ClosuresPPECoalition, and LTSE

Misha ChellamCo-Founder
Founder at Council on Technology & Society; Tradecraft

Jeremy Chrysler, Co-Founder & Outreach Leader
VP Business and New Product Development at Inuvo

Allen Kenney, Co-Founder & Communications Leader
CEO of BAK2 Strategic Communications

Sasha Sheng, Co-Founder & Engineering Leader
Software Engineer at Facebook; Founder DeepLearners

Hadar Dor, Co-Founder & Operations Leader
ex Product Manager at Lyft, Postmates, Kiva.org

AJ Fish, Co-Founder & Operations Leader
Writer and Programmer


Other Team Members / Contributors

The Genyus Ideas Team

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