How You Can Help

We’re the team behind #Masks4All that helped the homemade masks movement reach more than a billion people in three weeks. Now we’re working to popularize and implement Test and Trace in the U.S. – please get involved!

1. If you’re a member of the public

a) Text CONTAINCOVID to 50409 to request that your Governor prioritizes testing, tracing, and mask usage.

b) Join our email list to stay informed about major Test and Trace updates + get notified when we need help pressuring government leaders to implement Test and Trace

c) Join our slack group if you’d like to work on helping to popularize and implement Test and Trace

d) Share this resource with others on social media!

2. If you’re working on implementing Test and Trace (public health worker, technologist, government employee, etc.)

Join our slack group to connect, get advice/help and share learnings with lots of other people working to implement and popularize Test and Trace. We’re all in this together! 

Get Involved.

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